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oktober 12, 2016

First impresssions of a junior MicroStrategy consultant

To start your first job is as departing on an unknown adventure. New places, new methods and new faces. At Agiliz there’s no need to worry, from day one you can contact anyone from the company to ask questions if you have any. Even before I actually started I was invited to join my future colleagues on team events, it made it easy to get to know each other and bond with the group. It also removed any stress for the first time that I might need to reach out.

My first day involved a lot of administration, get the laptop, the car and its documents, install MicroStrategy and by the end of the day when the administration part was over I received a small project in order to get familiar with MicroStrategy. The project consisted of both back- and frontend. Design the DB, connect to it and create the schema in MicroStrategy, followed by making the necessary datasets and reports, dashboards and transactions were included as well. All the parts of a BI project were covered, forming a real challenge.

Since I had never worked with MicroStrategy before, it was imperative that I ask my coworkers for help and advice on how to make things work as well as show a good amount of individual research and study. The project had to be finished in a week and then we would have to present it. From the start they did announce that this was a startup project and that there shouldn’t be any stress about not being able to do something because it was meant to learn things. Knowing that the finished dashboards are actually used is a good way to boost motivation.

The project was shown in one of the bigger meetings of the year where all colleagues were present, the good comments that followed helped me to stay focused on improving and moving forward. After the small project, I was introduced to one of the main customers.

One week after my small introduction with a representative of Brussels Airport Company, I was assigned to the project there. Luckily some other Agiliz' consultants were also stationed at the same customer so whenever I was stuck with something that I had no experience with I had someone to fall back on. This makes sure knowledge is passed on. It’s been 2 months since I started at the customer and I feel like I’ve grown a lot and in addition, I feel like my contribution really matters, good work is always rewarded. Small compliments keep the motivation going.

Agiliz gives the advantages of a small company as well as giving the security of a large company. It’s something that really comes forward in the group dynamic as well as the personal evolution. Anything you do or achieve has an impact, a reaction.

This year is a special one since there are some upcoming changes. It’s nice to have an employer that is open to any input you have. I can confidently ask for new training without fearing it means I’m not good enough. It also means that some things aren’t clear but to be honest, it’s normal it takes some time to find a new way of working that fits just right. If there are any problems, you can always count on your co-workers, which is very reassuring.
It’s been an eventful few months, I’ve grown a lot and feel like there’s still a lot to learn. The company is really supportive yet challenging at times making it a good environment for the development of both soft and hard skills.

Dimitri Op de Beeck

Dimitri Op de Beeck

Sales & Marketing manager

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