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juni 06, 2017

Full-width target line

I would like to share a small trick to improve a visual on target lines on bar charts.

The standard bar line combination chart only shows the target line (metric value) in the middle of first or last bar charts as you can see below.


1. To improve the visualisation of the target line across the entire graph enable trend line of the line in MicroStrategy Developer.

The colour of the trend line is a bit trickier to change as it has the same colour as the marker of the series. When you check the trend line border settings, the colour is not editable.


2. To edit the colour, enable the markers on line setting in the series properties.

3. Change the data marker fill colour for the trend line as well.

4.Disable the markers on line property again to complete the change.

The result is a full-width trend target line.



Tom Mertens

Tom Mertens

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