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juni 13, 2017

Reporting incidents was never so easy

Is your organisation wondering how to tap into the vigilance of the employees to keep the workplace clean, comfortable and safe?

How are they currently reporting things that are misplaced, forgotten, broken or dangerous?

Are they addressing this just verbally?
Or maybe you use an online document?

Probably a lot of things, that come to people's attention are not reported.
Just because the administration of it is too much of a hassle.

Our Incident reporter solves this problem. (See video below)

This MicroStrategy app can be deployed on the smartphone or tablets.
From now on you just have to reach for your device.
Take a picture.
Add a few notes.

Not quite.

Because we wouldn't be professional MicroStrategy developers if we weren't to use the full power of the platform.

Yes, the reported incident is sent automatically to the right person.
Yes, you can keep track of them in a historical overview.
And yes, we've added out-of-the-box dashboards.

With the Incident Reporter, your employees turn your facility into a safe, productive and fun place to work.

Have a great day, 

Dimitri Op de Beeck
Sales & Marketing Manager Agiliz


Dimitri Op de Beeck

Dimitri Op de Beeck

Sales & Marketing manager

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