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Connect to big data without limitations

Big data

Data discovery

From XLS to HDFS

Hadoop is widely used by organisations to store and process their big data, wherever it comes from. With MicroStrategy they leverage their existing data sources without any limitations. From a simple spreadsheet to a dispersed Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), users can easily connect to their data without relying on IT. 
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Work with any flavor of Hadoop


Adaptive data connectivity

Big data landscape is changing rapidly.
How do you keep up?
Be flexible with the MicroStrategy platform. Migrate easily to Hadoop. Or switch to cloud-based data storage without impacting end-users.


Connect to NoSQL databases

You have semi-structured data  stored in a NoSQL database for real-time analysis, transactional analysis, and more. Lean on our direct connectivity to NoSQL databases like MongoDB and Cassandra.


Natively connect to HDFS

The MicroStrategy Hadoop Gateway makes it easy for organisations to natively tap into their Hadoop assets. For ad-hoc self-service scenarios, where organisations are looking to generate schema on read, our native Hadoop connector provides faster parallel data transfer from Hadoop.

Explore big data: 

On your own.

MicroStrategy lets individual business users and departmental teams quickly connect to, prepare, and visualise information stored in big data environments like: Cloudera, IBM, Pivotal, Apache Drill, Presto, Spark, Actian, Hortonwork, Hawq, MapR.