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Answers at a glance


All in one place

Do you have an up-to-date view of your business? Get your answers at a glance. With MicroStrategy, you combine multiple visualisations and grids to suit any user. Pixel Perfect, personalised and responsive.


Insights. Every minute. In real time.



Scorecards need to be easy to understand. So you can measure and monitor operational performance at a glance. Consume large amounts of data with visually intuitive scorecards and interactive displays. Design any number of scorecards that cover everything from revenue performance management to customer support analysis, product inventory analysis, and much more.



Get more done with powerful write back capabilities. Change data on the fly. This becomes more than a dashboard. It's your business application, where you can approve requests, submit orders, change plans, capture information, add pictures and so much more.

A missed opportunity

or a timely decision?

Having up–to–date information makes all the difference. Or you confident your dashboards contains the latest information? Are you able to monitor the real-time situation? Let us show you the power of our write back capabilities.