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Shared throughout the entire enterprise

Actionable Insights

Give every decision maker access to the information they need in the format they like it. With MicroStrategy, it's easy to schedule and automate the delivery of personalised documents.

Proactivity beats reactivity, every time.


Deliver personalised reports to thousands

To serve every user needs you need the ability to deliver personalised views of enterprise data. What matters to the CEO is different then what matters to the store manager. Make use of MicroStrategy's ability to leverage user preferences and security roles and distribute a single report to thousands, so they only see the data that's relevant to them.


Subscribe to reports to receive the latest data.

Subscribe yourself or subscribing others. Just make sure your receive the reports or dashboards and receive notifications when changes are made or specific events occur.


Bursting and Alerting

Bursting within MicroStrategy means a single report can be parsed into sub-reports for individual subscribers. No need for different reports for each subscriber. Be instantly alerted when critical exceptions and trends in the data as they occur. You'll be the most proactive decision maker around. 

Build an agile team 

With actionable insights.

Having the personalised, real-time insight is great. But what if you could act on without leaving that window? That's write-back functionality at its core. Do you want it? Hit the red button.