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Make full use of your

Internet of Things data

Internet of Things Analytics

Next coming years we're about to see billions of devices to be linked to the Internet. Easy to predict that analytics of this data will allow innovative capabilities. For this particular service, Agiliz leans on Pentaho to blend operational data with data from your installed IT systems and deliver intelligent analytics to those stakeholders who need them most.

How do you create added value from your IoT data?


Monetize data assets and provide visibility to customers

Whether it's equipment, vehicles or other smart devices, we'll provide a complete analytics solution that enables your enterprises to leverage your data. We'll bring it alive in a context of existing applications and business processes. Or it might be the starting point of a whole new service offering.


Streamline your data supply chain and drive operational intelligence

Pentaho empowers organisations to integrate, transform, and orchestrate machine and sensor data in a Big Data environment, as well as blend big data with data from traditional information systems.

Leverage your data

Internet of Things Analytics

Are you working with an IoT offering? Or does your company uses a truckload of IoT devices? Then our analytics can reveal new insights, and opportunities. Let's find out what more you can do with this. Hit the red button.