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A mobile platform 

That has it all

Make better decisions on the fly.
With best-in-class native mobile apps, sophisticated analytics can go wherever you do. No matter your location, no matter your device: Touch-optimized reports and dashboards put critical information at your fingertips. With MicroStrategy, your mobile productivity goes through the roof. Watch the video.

Go beyond mobile BI with powerful productivity apps


Instantly deploy BI to mobile devices

MicroStrategy makes it so easy to instantly deploy mobile BI. This generates better decisions By putting up-to-date information in employees’ hands no matter where they are. MicroStrategy creates truly native apps. Take full advantage of this and let users interact with their data.


Deploy with code-free app development and design

A click-to-configure development canvas and code-free tools makes building powerful mobile apps easier as ever. The business user will be pleased with the native experience you bring to every device in record time. You'll deliver apps in no time, at a fraction of the cost.


Mobilise workflows with transactional enabled apps

MicroStrategy mobile apps go further than most BI tools with native support for transactions. Users can send information back into your corporate systems from their mobile device. Whatever the content: submitting or approving transactions, upload images of product displays, or update CRM data.

Enable your workforce 

with transactional mobile BI apps