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Improving efficiency and customer service at

International Postal Company


We're using Pentaho to migrate data from the Oracle database to another, to form data marts and data warehouses.

Visual Insights

When using the data as a source of revenue you need to present your product in a way it's easily understood and meaningful. Visual Insight allows you to quickly create and design a customised, interactive display that can be used to explore your business data.

Mobile BI

IPC is a global organisation, covering more than 150 countries. We've built a mobile app to allow all stakeholders view the latest data, on the device they want, as fast as possible.

Network Monitoring

When looking at use cases for MicroStrategy, dashboarding the network performance is rarely mentioned. But at IPC, we're making good use of this possibilities, indicating vulnerabilities and opportunities in a heart beat.

Mobile BI makes.

After implementation of MicroStrategy 10, end-users can now access all their reports through 1 interface.
The end-user is recognised by the system and will only show the corresponding reports and flat files.
IPC is relieved that its employees are not occupied in gathering data from different sources anymore. Employees can now focus on providing good services and insights to the customers.

Best practice MicroStrategy System Manager 

Using MicroStrategy System Manager, we have implemented an advanced Flat file generation flow that generates, zips and outputs these file to the end users. This automates tasks that before took several hours.

Building a data platform as a service

About this project

This project is probably one of the most fun to mention. We're processing close to 15 TB of data, gathered by 24 national post offices, 180 postal operators, 3.000 RFID Gates in 50 countries on 20 different mail registration devices.

This adds up to more than 3 billion data inputs per year or 10 million tracking events per day. It's massive.With this project, we're displaying our total consultancy capacity: from ETL over MicroStrategy to Ad Hoc training.  

The end result is a organisation that knows how to leverage it's data into a futureproof product or Data Platform as a service (dPaaS).