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partners overview
partners overview

Getting started with MicroStrategy Desktop

MicroStrategy Desktop is a powerful data discovery tool that lets you explore data and answer questions on your own. With an intuitive toolset and built-in templates, MicroStrategy makes it easy to build compelling visualizations and interactive dossiers in a matter of minutes. It’s powerful analytics, designed for the individual business user. By giving you the ability to build dossiers, it’s easy to organize your dashboards, reports, and visualizations into an intuitive chapter and page structure. As a result, you can use data to tell better stories.

You can now discover the tool yourself easily. First of all, download the software by submitting the form on our home page. Download FREE MicroStrategy Desktop

Then, install the software by clicking on the downloaded package and follow the instructions.

With MicroStrategy desktop you can interact with your data in a logical and natural way that’s easy to learn. With so many capabilities, it’s often better to get guidance in what to use and when.

Click here to discover our training possibilities to get started with MicroStrategy.

However, if you want to start now, no worries. Look at the videos to learn some basic functionalities.

  1. How to connect your data to MicroStrategy Desktop – spreadsheets (Excel)

How to connect your data to MicroStrategy Desktop – databases

Knowing the Different Sections of the Interface in MicroStrategy 10

So, you want to know more?

Click here for more how-to video’s to learn more, or discover some sample dossiers to inspire you.

Besides that, users share information in the MicroStrategy community where you can find more materials to get started.

We’re happy to help with more tips & tricks.

Posted in Partners on Jul 15, 2018