Project Approach: Build

For the actual build of your solutions, we trust in more than only technology.

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Project Approach: Build


When developing your project, we operate using an agile mindset in which we develop new parts of your solution in short sprints. When using SCRUM, you are in the driver's seat. In close collaboration with the development team, we focus solely on the important elements of the project. Each sprint undergoes following iterative steps:



During the planning phase, we help you build the product backlog. Continuously refining those backlog items makes it easier to keep the focus on what’s important.




Before the start of any sprint, we align on what we will deliver in the upcoming week(s) with you. By presenting a short demo or prototype, we try to involve business users as much as possible in our thinking process.




During the development phase, our developers are in their element. But even during this phase is a close-follow up crucial for a successful end result. Daily stand-up meetings allow us to keep close track of their progress. It also allows us to tackle problems as soon as they occur.




When the developing phase ends, it is crucial to undergo a series of tests. The testing of our solutions happens by our complete development team. Eight eyes see more than two. Before the team validates the project, one of your key users is expected to test along with our team. This extra round of testing makes sure we meet all of the requirements.




This is the most formal part of the process. We demo our product increment to the product stakeholders. During the review, we present what was built. After our presentation, it is up to the stakeholders to validate whether the set requirements were met. The outcome of this review meeting has an impact on our decision to continue developing the solution. Gathering feedback in this phase of the process is essential for the success of the project. Feedback allows us to prioritize the right actions for the next sprint.




Each sprint, a new piece of working software is delivered for your product.




New features are only valuable when your end-users actually use them. That’s why their involvement is needed too. After deployment, end-users have to be informed about the added functionality of your product. This will immediately add value to the new functionality. Any feedback gathered along the way can be used to improve our product even more.


Our process

We adapt our process to fit your organisation. Making it as light or heavy as you want. It is designed so each step delivers value on its own and can be executed independently from others.