Project Approach: Ideate

Good ideas occur in every department of your organization. But how do you identify those who will bring the most added value to your business? And how can you be certain that the idea will become successful?

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Project Approach: Ideate


By using design thinking we seek to dive deeper into your business needs and ideas. During a period of one week, we will guide you through a first prototype that will give you a lot of information on which future projects are the most interesting for your company. This design sprint will tackle a new topic each day:


Monday: Map

Your company exists out of experts with a lot of experience. During this first day, we listen to their ideas and proposals. What it is that drives them? What is its added value for the company? Why do they feel that their idea is superior?



Tuesday: Sketch

With all ideas gathered, it’s important that they are clear and easy to understand by everyone. During this step we visualize and demo the solutions for your business problems.



Wednesday: Decide

Which idea has the most chance of achieving your long-term goals? The ideas with the biggest chance of success are sketched into a more detailed storyboard.



Thursday: Prototyping

The storyboards created on wednesday are turned into a realistic prototype.



Friday: Test

After this week, you have created promising solutions, selected the most likely to succeed and built a realistic prototype. Lastly, we need to check with customers and stakeholders if they will provide the right return. Testing your prototype will proof that the design sprint was worthwhile


Our process

We adapt our process to fit your organisation. Making it as light or heavy as you want. It is designed so each step delivers value on its own and can be executed independently from others.