Project Approach: Solutioning

Good ideas occur in every department of your organization. But how do you identify those who will bring the most added value to your business? And how can you be certain that the idea will become successful? By using design thinking we seek to dive deeper into your business needs and ideas. During a period of one week, we will guide you through a first prototype that will give you a lot of information on which future projects are the most interesting for your company.

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Project Approach: Solutioning


After the design sprint, it is time to have a look at the next steps. What lessons did we learn during the sprint and how do we proceed? It is our goal to guide you through the decision making process for future implementations, regardless of technology. As a part of the Cronos Group, we have a broad network of partners that specialize in different technologies

Our process

We adapt our process to fit your organisation. Making it as light or heavy as you want. It is designed so each step delivers value on its own and can be executed independently from others.